Best Floor Steamer Review 2021 – Top 5 Latest Picks

If you want to get rid of cleaning your house by sitting on your knees, you must buy a cleaner from these top 5 best-floor steamers. Cleaning takes more time than other chores, but we can do more work in less time with this modern product.

To make a choice easy, I have discussed all the features like weight, time taken in heating, water capacity, affordability, and different accessories for cleaning all types of surfaces. Let us start!

Top 5 Best Floor Steamer 2021

Karcher SC 3 Easy Fix Karcher SC 3 Easy Fix Steam Cleaner _ Provides Constant Steam 4.5 out of 5 stars Check Price
Bissel Symphony VacBissel Symphony Vac and Steam Cleaner 2 in 1 _ Quick Cleaning Process 4.4 out of 5 stars Check Price
O-Cedar Microfiber SteamO-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop _ Best for Hardwood Floors 4.3 out of 5 stars Check Price
Shark Handheld Cleanershark Handheld Cleaner Steam Mop _ Affordable 4.3 out of 5 stars Check Price
Pursteam 10-in-1 SteamPursteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop _ Gives Best Cleaning Result 4.2 out of 5 stars Check Price

1) Karcher SC 3 Easy Fix Steam Cleaner _ Provides Constant Steam

Karcher SC 3 Easy Fix Steam Cleaner _ Provides Constant Steam

Karcher SC 3 is a lightweight, compact in design, and cylinder type steam cleaner. It uses no chemicals. That’s why it is very special because there are no chemical residues in the inner parts of the steam cleaner.

Its weight is only 3.1 kgs. The heating time of Karcher SC 3 is 30 seconds, so be ready when you are for waiting for the cleaner to be ready because overheating can burn it. When it is ready for cleaning, the red light turns to green.

It is best for cleaning the tiles and stone embedded in the houses. Further, it easily cleans the oil stains, steam collected on kitchen walls. But it may not be perfect for wooden floors.

The water capacity of Karcher SC 3 is 1 liter, which lasts long. Further, we don’t have to switch it off for refilling so, and it provides continuous steam, and steam pressure is 3.5 bar. Hence it is the best floor steamer for people who don’t like discontinuity.

The cleaner’s nozzle is rectangular and has plastic clamps that can hold all types of clothes. So buy the cloth you want to use for cleaning. A tab on the nozzle is used to stop the park of the cleaner when not in use.

Moreover, it has a 4m long cord, child protection lock, safety valve, and regulator for controlling steam. Further, a steam hose with the gun, descaler cartridge, hand, detail nozzle, and a round brush is. A complete set of floor cleaning clothes is also present.

Overall, it is the best floor steamer, which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Lightweight, best for cleaning all types of dirt, surfaces, 1-liter water capacity, 4m long cord, and constant steam makes it worth buying.

  • Constant steam
  • Lightweight
  • Completely cleans hard and soft surfaces
  • No carpet glider

2) Bissel Symphony Vac and Steam Cleaner 2 in 1 _ Quick Cleaning Process

Bissel Symphony Vac and Steam Cleaner 2 in 1 _ Quick Cleaning Process

The symphony vac and steam cleaner’s body is very slim and compact; however, the floor nozzle is large and has a rectangular shape with both vacuum and steam cleaner present.

The Bissel symphony weight is 2.1 kg, which is less than Karcher SC 3, so it is more lightweight and portable. It has two levels of the stem, and we can use the vacuum with steam at a time. Its heat up time is 30 seconds like Karcher SC 3.

It is best for cleaning highly messy floors, gardens, and dust places. Tiny fibers, dust particles are firstly sucked by the vacuum, then the steam part completely cleans the surfaces. We can independently use both vacuum and steamer.

The water capacity of the Bissel symphony vac and steam cleaner is 1 liter. It would be best to have a well-pouring jug with marked measurements for filling water in the cleaner’s vertical tank because its tank has no readings. And we can not even see its tank.

The head of the mop can be removed and washed easily. Cyclone bin where dust is gathered, Vaccum tubes and vacuum filter can be separated and cleaned.

Further, it has a very long 7.5-meter cord, easy touch control, fragrance disc, and 1100 watt steam heater. It kills almost 99.9% of germs and cleans all kinds of surfaces, hard, bare, and soft surfaces.

Overall, it is the best floor steamer that is very precise in size, high functionality, good performance in vacuuming and steaming, at a time making cleaning easy and quick. Moreover, the cleaner has less weight and quick heat-up time with a 1-liter water capacity.

  • Quick cleaning
  • Fast heat up time
  • Long cable
  • Average vacuum power

3) O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop _ Best for Hardwood Floors

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop _ Best for Hardwood Floors

The shape of the o-cedar microfiber steam mop is long and has a very compact body. It is very comfortable to hold because of the umbrella-like handle at the end.

The weight of an O-cedar microfiber steam mop is just 2.26 kg further; the material is strong and sturdy. It just heats up even in less time than the Bissel symphony vac and steam cleaner and Karcher SC 3, as it is ready to be used after 20 seconds.

There is no better cleaner than O–cedar for cleaning hard surfaces of the bathroom, kitchen, etc.; it is best for steam cleaning the carpeted floors because it also leaves no moisture on them. There is no comparison of o-cedar microfiber steam mop for cleaning hardwood because of its amazing cleaning results.

The water capacity is 0.4litre, which is less than the Bissel symphony vac and steam cleaner and Karcher SC 3, but it can works for almost 10-12 minutes without refilling.  Further, it does not provide constant steam. We have to switch it off for refilling.

The head of the mop is triangular. It has an extra microfiber pad that cleans, absorbs dirt, grime, microbes, and kills 99.9% of the germs. All parts, including the head, microfibre pad, the tube, can be separated and cleaned.

Further, it has an adjustable steam level setting, glide attachment for steaming the carpets cleans without chemicals. The length of the cord is 20 ft, which makes it worth buying and easier to use.

Overall it is the best steam cleaner as it has high heat up time, long cord, gliding, and vacuum for complete cleaning of the carpets without moisturizing them. The water can be refilled easily and has maximum germs killing capability.

  • 20 ft cord
  • Gliding for cleaning carpets
  • Best for hardwood floors
  • We have to switch it off for refilling water

4) Shark Handheld Cleaner Steam Mop _ Affordable

Shark Handheld Cleaner Steam Mop _ Affordable

The width of the shark steam cleaner is very less hence has a very small and compact structure. Further, there is a handle that makes it more portable, and the length of the mop can be adjusted according to the height of the person using it.

It weighs almost 3 kg, which is quite more than the above-mentioned all cleaners’ weight, but handles make it easy to use. It is ready to be used after just 30 seconds like other mops when we switch it on.

Because of its handle, we can easily use it to clean the hidden place and home places which are difficult to reach. Further, grout on the floor’s surface can be removed easily by a grout brush.

Its tank’s water capacity is 0.5 liter, and the steam that it throws outside its level can be controlled easily by a digital button present on it. For steaming, we have to trigger the handle.

But the water tank is refilled with difficulty, so try to use a funnel with a thin mouth to reduce the mess and fill water successfully in it.

The head of the mop is a bit small and can be replaced when it gets too nasty. The pad has microfiber on both sides that can be used for a long time. Further, microfibre is useable after washing and drying.

The cord length is 20 feet and has many accessories and it; and completely sanitizes your house without any chemical use. Further, it is affordable, and at fewer prices, we get a high-quality mop that performs many functions.

Overall, it is the best floor steamer cleaner because of its versatility, steam control, umbrella-like handle, long cord. Further, large water tank capacity and less heat-up time make it worth investing in.

  • Affordable
  • double-sided microfiber cleaner
  • 25 ft long cord
  • Less durability

5) Pursteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop _ Gives Best Cleaning Result

Pursteam 10-in-1 Steam Mop _ Gives Best Cleaning Result

The body of pure steam 10 in 1 is different than the o-cedar microfiber steam system and shark handheld steam mop because it neither has a handle nor an umbrella-like bend for capturing it.

The weight of pure steam 10 in 1 steam mop is less than 0.9 kg that why it is easily handled. It is the most lightweight steam mop than other all above mentioned steam mops. People buy it just because it’s lightweight.

The grout cleaning capability of the mop is great; its grout can be scrubbed further, we use gliders for cleaning the carpets, and it is best for cleaning windows,  the hardwood, and tiles of kitchens.

We can use the mop’s convertible behavior for cleaning narrow places like corners, stairs cervices.

The mop’s water capacity is 0.34litre, and we don’t fill it with water mixed with chemicals because chemicals are dangerous for pets, carpets, and babies.

The mop has a wide surface area, and 2 extra pads for cleaning the house are already present in its box. We can also buy these pads separately. Pads are durable and do their job after washing also.

The cords are 20 feet long, making it convenient for users. It has many attachments, including nylon brushes, window squeegee, straight nozzle, etc. These are made of very sturdy material.

Overall, it is the best floor steamer because of its very good cleaning action, affordability, and versatility. Further, it is safe to use, easy for cleaning because it is so lightweight, and has attachments for cleaning all surfaces.

  • Best cleaning results
  • Affordable
  • lightweight
  • Attachments broke down easily

Buying Guide For Best Floor Steamer 2021

Before buying the steam cleaner must have a complete buying guide so there is no wastage of money and you can successfully invest your money in the best floor steamer, which is durable and gives the best cleaning results.

Here is a complete buying guide, so you must see the following features in mop before investing.

Cleaning Action

The main purpose of the mop is to lean the house and its appliances. So buy a mop that can clean all kinds of surfaces, it must work for hard and wood surfaces. Try to buy a mop that just uses water and convert it to steam for sanitizing.

Because the mops that use chemicals damage your floors, they also cause irritation on babies’ skin when they crawl on chemical surfaces even pets also get the infection.

Different microbes are present on the toilet floor and at the doorstep, so make sure the mop attracts all germs and completely sanitizes the surface.


The water tank of the steamer is filled with water that is heated up and converted into steam. So make sure the water tank has a large water capacity, and we can easily fill it with water

Steamer must have a quick heat-up time, and steam should be generated constantly. Keep an eye on your mop when you heat it because when it is overheated, then the mop attachments start burning and damaged.

Heat up time from 20-30 second is best, and the steam is provided from 12-20 minutes for cleaning. When the steam ends, the water tank is refilled, so you should buy a mop that can be refilled with water without switching off.

Further steam adjustment is also important to control its steam output when you have to tackle someone like a baby, pet, or sometimes a very stubborn stain comes.


One type of mop cannot be used to clean all surfaces because it has a large surface area to clean the corners and stains. We have brushes of different types,  pads also vary, and gliders are available for cleaning the carpets.

The different attachments are available by using them we can clean the stairs corners, cervices, all kind of hidden places and wash the windows. Further, microfibrils attract germs, microbes, and dust.

All these attachments, the bin of mop must be cleaned periodically because when the dust is gathered in them, their performance reduces.

Noise Levels

Vacuums make more noise and make it difficult to hear the other person’s voice, but the steam cleaners make comparatively less noise.  Some steamers have high noise levels.

So if you cannot bear noise, it is better to check its noise levels before buying.


Following are quering that rose in the minds of most people

Is Steaming Floor Better Than Mopping?

Yes, it is because steam skills almost all the germs present on the floor and completely sanitize the home as it is necessary to sanitize your home due to corona, so you must buy a steam mop.

Does Steam Cleaning Floor Work?

Yes, steam cleaning is the best way of completely cleaning your house without leaving any stain, dust, and germ on the floor. 99.% of germs are killed after you have steamed your house with the mop.

Can I Put Vinegar In My Steam Mop?

Floor steamers use the steam to clean, and the house can be cleaned by using water. If you want to add vinegar, add it by mixing in water to increase the mop’s cleaning and sanitizing capability.

How Much Vinegar Do I Put In My Mop?

Using too much vinegar will damage the floor. It will start losing its shine, so take almost 2 cups of vinegar and dissolve them in a big gallon of warm water to increase water’s disinfectant properties.

Final Verdict

Here is my review on the top 5 best floor steamers for guiding you so you can easily choose the mop for yourself. All have good cleaning properties and are easily available at a reasonable price.

I would suggest you pursteam 10-in -1 convertible mop because of its amazing features, versatility, and lightweight. Further, it is affordable and has the best cleaning actions on all types of floors.

Secondly, I would recommend o-cedar microfiber steam mop as it cleans carpeted surfaces with gliders’ help and has good water capacity and lightweight. It may be expensive for you, but it is durable.

Thirdly, many people suggest and like Karcher SC 3 easy fix steam cleaner because it is overall the best floor steamer and affordable. Completely cleans and sanitizes all kinds of floors in no time because it produces steam constantly.

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